11.03 2017

Preparing for winter in HOKKAIDO

As winter is fast approaching Hokkaido, it is important to start preparing for the cold, snowy months ahead. If you decide to visit Hokkaido in the winter, here are a few tips to keep in mind, to help you have a more pleasant and fun experience, and to start preparing for the upcoming winter.

Tip #1: Buying Heat-Tech or Heat-Related Items for Shoes

As it gets colder here in Hokkaido, more and more heat-tech related items are starting to be sold at various shoe stores, even at local grocery stores! These heat tech items are designed to keep you cozy and warm when outside in the fall and winter.

Here are some heat-tech or heat related items you can buy for your shoes or boots! These insole cushions are made out of various materials, such as wool, and make sure that you stay dry and cozy while walking in the upcoming snowy, chilly weather. There are various types of insole heat cushions in many different shoe sizes ranging from small to large!

∗∗There are also various types of heat tech pads you can buy for wearing underneath your coat or clothes, not just for your shoes, that make sure to keep you warm and comfortable, even when there is strong wind and icy temperatures.

Tip #2: Buying Proper Winter Boots/Shoes

As temperatures are starting to drop, the selection of boots and winter shoes have been getting larger at various shoe stores in Hokkaido. It is important to make sure to have some winter boots or shoes when traveling around Hokkaido, to insure a more comfortable and pleasant trip.

If it is difficult to buy or bring winter boots with you to Hokkaido, no need to worry! There are a vast number of shoe stores, such as ABC Mart,and shopping centers,such as Tanuki Koji in Sapporo, where you can buy winter boots/shoes!

Here is what sorts of winter shoes are for sale in Sapporo! These are winter shoes that are for sale in men’s shoe sizes.

Here are some selections in women’s shoe sizes, ranging from plastic rain boot styles to more heavy duty winter shoes or boots. Look at all of the variety of winter shoes available!

When buying winter shoes, the type of boots and shoes that can help the most in the cold winter are the ones that have this tag attached to the shoe⇓

Any tags on winter boots that have this kanji or writing state that these particular shoes are waterproof (防水) (ぼうすい). Waterproof shoes or boots in the winter really help keep your feet warm and cozy while its snowing or raining.

  This tag states that the boots are waterproof and are also designed to be easier to walk on ice, without the need for shoe spikes!

These kind of shoes will come in handy for the colder and icy months around December to February!

Tip #3: Buying Winter Clothes

One of the most important steps in order to prepare for winter is by shopping for winter clothes!

Head to Sapporo Station or any shopping centers around Hokkaido, to shop for  winter clothes ranging from hats, coats, sweaters, or even the latest winter fashion from various department stores!

Buying clothes and supplies for winter ahead of time will help you to stay warm when it becomes cold in Hokkaido.


Despite its cold temperatures and snowy landscape, with the above tips in mind, you will be able to enjoy your travels within Hokkaido even more!

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