01.19 2018

Dining in Sapporo’s 2018 Gudetama Character Café

If you are in the Sapporo area during January to February 19th, you should consider checking out the limited time opening of Sapporo’s Winter themed Gudetama Character Cafe.

  • Who is Gudetama?

Gudetama is one of Sanrio’s most famous characters known worldwide as the cute yet slightly lazy egg that is constantly questioning its life, but is loved by many. Gudetama is the star of many animated shorts and is often a popular character seen in many souvenir shops not just in Hokkaido, but in the whole of Japan.

Character Cafes, featuring characters like Gudetama, is a fun place to visit while on your trip. This limited time cafe is filled with lively, colorful decorations and a very stylish, cute selection of food and dessert to choose from. This cafe also includes a wide variety of character goods and souvenirs exclusive to Sapporo!

  • Exploring the Gudetama Café in PARCO

As you enter the fourth floor of PARCO, a department store complex located next to Odori Park, you hear the squeaky yet adorable voice of Gudetama, the beloved egg character greets you at the entrance through the loudspeakers. Once you enter, wait in the queue until the staff calls you over to seat you into the café. However, if you just want to browse the gift shop solely for buying Hokkaido-limited edition goods, you can enter freely.

Here is a tip when visiting the café: if you bring this flyer with you to the café and show it to the staff, you will get a free sticker as a present! You can pick up this flyer in front of the café entrance next to the board.

  • The Menu:

Now onto the most anticipated part: the café’s menu! Everything in the menu is completely in theme of Sapporo’s wintery landscape combined with the cuteness of Gudetama to make a very unique meal experience. This menu has the names of the dish and the description in both Japanese AND English.

The menu is divided into two sections: the meal section and the dessert section. I decided to go for the desserts here and it was a delicious experience!

Here are some of the desserts and drinks available in this Hokkaido-only Gudetama Café!

  • Mango Ice Cream Topped Milk Smoothie:
  • Cotton Candy & Strawberry Parfait:
  • Sponge Cake with Whipped Cream and Fruits:

Latte/Hot Chocolate:

While the prices here in the café are a little high for the meals, the entire experience and atmosphere really make it worthwhile! My favorite part of this Sapporo café was the unique and Hokkaido related decorations they put up for a unique, fun, and especially cute atmosphere.

  • The Gift Shop:

If you want to visit the café and just browse the gift shop here, just walk in and explore the cuteness of Gudetama goods all over the café! Most of these items are exclusive to this limited-time event and have a Sapporo winter theme. Come and have a look!  You will definitely not find these items and goods anywhere else in Japan.

If you are in the Sapporo area during January to 19th February, 2018, as you explore the snow festival this year, why not embark in some cuteness and head to the Gudetama Café on the 4th floor of PARCO! You will definitely come in and out of the café with a huge smile on your face. But hurry because this café will only be around until 19th February, 2018. So make sure you don’t miss your chance for some Sapporo Winter Gudetama Cuteness!


Hokkaido, Sapporo-shi, Chuo Ku, Minami 1 Jou Nishi 3-3

PARCO 4th Floor
Telephone Number(PARCO department store):


Event Dates:

8 December 2017 (Fri) – 19 February 2018 (Mon)

Opening Hours:

10:00~ 20:00 ( Saturdays: until ~20:30)

Official Website: (JP)


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