Discover Cool things! クールなこと、みつけよう!

Our goal is that you say Hokkaido is awesome, even after visiting 5 times. We are providing new and niche Hokkaido information that you cannot find in guidebooks or through the medias. We provide this information through our website, application, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Kuma (Polar Bear)

He is a polar bear who is traveling Hokkaido searching for good food and cool stuff. He is also a nomad worker carrying his PC and living all over Hokkaido. Taking pictures of beautiful sites and eating good food are his hobbies. His favorite food is Hokkaido's soft cream (Ice cream with 90% air). He is looking for the next cool place to visit, and his favorite is a quaint Hokkaido town that is off the beaten path.

Torippi (Bird)

She hangs around with Kuma and her name is the origin of our project, Trippino. Since is very independent, she sometimes flies in a different direction than Kuma. She is very good at finding interesting towns, and she shares that information with Kuma. At this moment, her next target is Hokkaido's remote island.
  • Feb 2019

    Hokkaido seminar in Bangkok

  • Feb 2019

    TITF # 24 in Bangkok

  • Nov 2018

    Takashimaya Bangkok Hokkaido Event in Bangkok

  • Nov 2018

    FIT Fair in Bangkok

  • Aug 2018


  • Jan 2018

    JAPANEXPO THAILAND 2018 in Bangkok

  • Dec 2017

    Hokkaido seminar in Bangkok

  • Aug 2017

    TITF #21 in Bangkok

  • Jun 2017

    Trippino Fan Meeting vol1 in Bangkok

  • May 2017

    inbound products Fair in Sapporo

  • Jan 2017

    My Favorite Hokkaido in Bangkok

  • Dec 2016

    [50days Sapporo Report ] in Sapporo

  • Feb 2016

    JAPANEXPO THAILAND 2016 in Bangkok

  • Aug 2015

    TITF #17 in Bangkok

  • Dec 2015

    seminar for Thammasat University in Bangkok

  • May 2015

    APP launch event in Sapporo

  • Feb 2015

    TITF #16 in Bangkok

  • 2014

    In July, the Japanese government made it easier for Thai people to get a tourist visa for Japan. And New Chitose Airport began direct service to Bangkok, Thailand. This increased visits from Thailand 300% compared to the previous year. We had an idea about providing concierge service for overseas visitors, and Thailand people are used to using social network sites. The timing could not have been better for us to start developing an application for the visitors from Thailand.
  • 2015

    After 1 year of application development, we launched our application in spring of 2015. We had our booth at the Thai International Travel Fair and introduced Trippino HOKKAIDO directly to the people in Thailand. For this project, we made sure to have a variety of people on the development team from different background such as Thai people who visited Hokkaido many times, a Japanese person who studied in Thailand, and a Japanese person raised in Hokkaido. Our team is continuosly improving service for Thailand visitors so they can enjoy Hokkaido more using Trippino HOKKAIDO. We continue to further develop the platform.
  • 2016

    As the number of visitors from Thailand to Hokkaido reaches 100,000 per year, fans from Facebook started to become top users of our application. We check visitor's reaction directly on the Facebook. And we analyze the trendsin photos, information wanted and other useful tools for the Thai people who wants to visit Hokkaido. We also get feedback from people using tha pllication, and on social media. Many companies and local governments also became interested in sharing their information to visitors from Thailand, and we started to partner with them for interviews and other public relations.
  • 2017

    We released English and Chinese version of TrippinoHOKKAIDO to support English and Chinese speakers visiting Hokkaido. We set up Facebook per language, and providing different contents per language as well. In June 2017, we had a Trippino Fan Meeting vol.11, and had a video meeting from top of the Mt. Asahidake with 50 Thai people who are interested in Hokkaido.
  • 2018

    Local Events and Collaborations

    TrippinoHOKKAIDO exhibited at travel expos and individual travel fairs held in Thailand, as well as at events where Japanese culture fans gather, to increase opportunities to publicize TrippinoHOKKAIDO's app and media. New merchandise was developed and pamphlets were created and distributed. Both the traditional Chinese and Thai versions increased tie-ups with companies in Hokkaido and with influencers, and more information was disseminated beyond sightseeing spots, including the introduction of services that had not been introduced in the past.
  • 2023

    Site renewal

    Four years after the release of the app, we decided to renew the site at a time when travelers' information-gathering styles were changing. We were conscious of making the site easier to view on smartphones and collect necessary information.
  • Ice

    in Chiang Mai / TH

  • Mizuki

    in Hokkaido / JP