The daily temperature range in Hokkaido is larger than main land Japan.Though it is hot in the day, it gets cooler at night in the summer.We suggest you carry an extra layer (such as scarf, jacket, sweatshirt or cardigan) in the evening to go out.Winter is very cold. Keep yourself warm especially in your feet and legs and enjoy your trip

There are 6 different clothing seasons in Hokkaido as follows;

  • Midwinter

    Mid winter: December, January, February

    Warm inner, Warm top, Must have gloves.Covered with winter jackets and boots or snow boots.(No sneakers)

  • Late winter

    End of winter: March, April

    You will still need winter coat or jacket.Recommend to have water/snow resistant shoes to handle the melting snow.

  • Spring

    Spring: May, June

    Warm during the day yet too early for short sleeves. Better to have asweatshirt or a jacket at night.

  • Summer

    Summer: July, August

    The hottest months in Hokkaido with over 25 C (77 F).The humidity is much lower than mainland Japan, and it feels dry.Summer ends around August 13th, which is Obon, then fall starts.The wind starts feeling cooler after the Obon holidays.You may want to bring your jacket with you at night.

  • Autumn

    Fall: September, October

    Long sleeves and jacket are appropriate.But better to wear a bit warmer clothing than spring.If you will go out for a walk or field trip, a windbreaker will be helpful.

  • Early Winter

    Early winter: November

    Increasing snow days.Coat, gloves, scarf, and other snow gear are suggested.Watch your step!


  • NOTICE01

    Hokkaido is BIG

    We strongly suggest to check the total travel distance of your trip especially if you are planning to visit several cities and towns in Hokkaido.Hokkaido is as big as whole Tohoku area.It is about the same size as Austria.If you try to visit all major cities in Hokkaido in 4days/6 nights, you will be moving constantly.We recommend you target a few areas to visit when you have 1 week or less.Save some for your next trip!
  • NOTICE02

    Hokkaido is COLD

    Hokkaido in the middle of winter is cold.It is so cold that cell phone and camera batteries often do not work.The temperature dips lower than -4c (25F).Make sure you bring appropriate winter clothing and footwear. During the summer, temperature can exceed 30c (80F) in the daytime, but it can get cold in the evening so better to bring a sweatshirt or windbreaker.
  • NOTICE03

    Stores close early in Hokkaido

    Unless you stay in downtown Sapporo or major sightseeing areas, the stores and restaurants may close at 8pm or even earlier.Please check opening/closing hours before you visit.
  • NOTICE04

    Please DO NOT feed the wild animals!

    While driving, we often see wild animals such as Ezo Red Foxes (Vulpes vulpes schrencki), Yezo deer (Cervus Nippon yesoensis) and Brown Bears.Feeding the wild animals is strictly prohibited.
  • NOTICE05

    Please DO NOT enter any private property to take pictures.

    There were incidents where visitors entered private farms to take pictures without permission in Biei and Furano.Their action caused damage to the produce.They are real farms (and farmers) and not growing produce for the visitors to see.Please show respect and enjoy the view from a public area.
  • NOTICE06

    Check transportation options (Especially in winter)

    Hokkaido has many delays and cancellations of transportation systems due to the snow and bad weather during winter.It is very import that you plan extra time into your schedule.We recommend you to check the weather, your flight status and airport access prior to departure.
  • NOTICE07

    Be aware of overeating!

    There are so many good foods in Hokkaido.Ramen noodle, Soup curry, Sushi, Parfait, Mongolian mutton barbecue, etc...We want you to forget about your weight and eat as much as you can, but not so much that you become ill due to overeating!
  • NOTICE08

    Cash needed!

    There are some stores and restaurants that take credit cards and other cashless payment systems.But most of the local stores and restaurants are cash only.Do not forget to carry some cash!
  • NOTICE09

    Do not forget to rent the WiFi router and/ or SIM card!

    When you visit some Hokkaido areas outside the big cities, you may experience bad WiFi connections.You may even see no bars on your Japanese rental mobile phone. You can rent a WiFi router online before you visit Hokkaido and pick it up at Chitose airport.You can also purchase a SIM card at convienience and electronics stores when you arrive in Hokkaido.
  • NOTICE10

    Use a delivery service for large bags

    We recommend that you use a Japanese baggage delivery service.You can send a snowboard and/or skis to your destination rather than carry them on your whole trip.Your bags can be delivered on the same day (It depends on what time of the day you arrive. Please ask the bag delivery service when they can deliver your bags.)You can also send bags from your hotel to the airport before your departure.We recommend bag free sightseeing especially in the winter.


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