Hokkaido dialect

From many part of main land, people moved to Hokkaido to develop the land. The dialects in Hokkaido is vary by resion. Some studies suggest that Hokkaiido's dialect is a compilation of Japanese dialects.
There is a card game, Karuta, with Hokkaido dialect.

Example of Hokkaido dialects:

  • 「なまら(Namara)」
    It means "Very" or "Really" in English, It came from typically use on the beach. Especially used among young people and it is a new dialect. Some elderly people consider it impolite.
    How to use "Namara"
    Kono Kani wa Namara Umai
    (This crab is Very yummy)
  • 「めんこい(Menkoi)」
    It means cute (for kids and small animals)
    How to use "Menkoi"
    Menkoi Kitsune
    (Cute fox)
  • odatsu
    get too excited
  • shibareru
    It's cold.
  • 「めんこい(Menkoi)」
    It means cute (for kids and small animals)
  • azumashii
    It's cozy.
  • shitakke
  • zangi
    Fired Chicken


  • 「フリーWIFIはありますか?」(Do you have free WIFI?)
    ”FREE WIFI wa arimasuka?"
  • 「部屋が暑いです」(My room is hot)
    "Heya ga atsui desu."
  • 「荷物を預かってください」( Could you keep my bag(s)?)
    "Nimotsu wo azukatte kudasai."


  • 「駅はどちらですか」(Where is the station?)
    ”Eki wa dochira desuka?”
  • 「タクシーを呼んでください」(Please call for a taxi.)
    ”TAXI wo yonde kudasai.”
  • 「〇〇駅はどちらですか」(Where is XX station?)
    ”XXeki wa dochira desuka?”


  • 「水に氷を入れないでください。」(Could I have a glass of wather with NO ice?)
    ”Mizu ni Koori wo irenaide kudasai.”
  • 「お会計をお願いします。」(Check, please.)>
    "Okaikei wo onegaisimasu."
  • 「オススメのメニューはどれですか?」(Which one is your recommendation?)
    ”Osusume no MENU ha doredesuka?”
    "Which one is your recommendation?"


  • 「値段はいくらですか?」(How much is this?)
    ”Nedan wa ikura desuka?”
  • 「カードは使えますか?」(Could I use my credit card?)
    "Card wa tsukae masuka?"
  • 「人気商品はどれですか?」(Which one is the popular product.)
    "Ninki shouhin wa dore desuka?"


  • 「写真を撮ってください」(Could you take our (my) picture?)
    "Shashin wo totte kudasai."
  • 「こんにちは」(Hello)
  • 「ありがとう」(Thank you)
  • 「すみません」(Excuse (pardon) me"/ "Sorry)


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