Mar. 23 2017

Goodbye Size S… 10 Best Soft cream places in Hokkaido!

Yeah, it’s pretty clear. I ain’t no size two.

Meh, this lyrics might makes some of us say “ouch!..” out loud, because it’s just TOO accurate… But it’s just can’t help. Who would be able to say no to ice cream?!

Well, I think most of you has already known that Hokkaido’s milk soft cream, which some of you guys might call it soft serve, is the best! It’s one of the Hokkaido’s tourists’ destination.

Now, let us bring you where to get the best soft cream in Hokkaido!


(10) Seico mart 

A local Hokkaido’s convenient store, which can be found ONLY in Hokkaido! It’s quite rare to find this store in big cities, but you’ll be able to find it frequently in countrysides. In addition to local food, vegetables, and fruits, this shop is also famous for their house brand soft cream. There’re lots of flavours, such as Strawberry, Melon, etc. But, of course, Hokkaido milk is the most popular one!


This is how Seico Mart looks like.



(9) Milk mura

Have you ever heard of soft cream with cocktail on top?

Here it is! You can find soft cream with various choices of alcoholic drink here at Milk Mura, which is located in Susukino. Our recommended menu is Set B (¥1,390), a big blow of soft cream served with 3 choices of cocktails, coffee or hot tea, and cute decorated cookies. You can also ask for a refill for soft cream! Just take a spoonful of soft cream, pour your choice of cocktail on the top, and… YUM! Enjoy!

  • Location: On the 6th floor of New Hokusei Building, 2 minutes walk from Subway Susukino station, Exit 1.
  • Opening Time:00-24.00 on Tuesday and Thursday-Sunday. 17.00-24.00 on Wednesday. (Closed on Monday)
  •  Tel: +81-11-219-6455




(8) Shiroikoibito Park

Well, no need to explain much about how good it is, since this wonderful dessert shop is located right in the chocolate factory! You can get soft cream at the store’s take out corner. Trust me, it’s REALLY GOOD! Don’t miss the Chocolate Affogato (¥420), but that Snowman Chocolate in the picture below is seasonal. Another popular menu is Shiroikoibito Soft cream which is served in 2 separated cups. The first cup is White Chocolate Soft cream, and another one is Extreme Chocolate Soft cream. You can also order a mixed soft cream for approximately ¥300. And there are tons more menus for you to try. Make your friends craving for one by snapping some picture and send it to them!

  • Opening Time:00-18.00 (Ticket Counters open until 17.00)
  • Tel: +81-11-666-1481
  • Website:
  • Location: 7 minutes walk from Subway Miyanosawa station



Looks simple, but tastes superb!



(7) Yukijirushi Parlor

Nothing is as blessing as soft cream in summer time. This shop has a lot of branches all over Hokkaido, but we’re going to recommend you the original one. Yukijirushi Palor is located 2 blocks aways from the South exit of JR Sapporo station. Their highlighted menu is Royal Special Vanilla Ice cream. The ice cream is super rich and chewy. This menu is going to cost you ¥770. It might seems a little bit pricey, but it’s really worth it


Royal Special Vanilla Ice cream



(6) Cafe Croissant

Are you looking for the famous “Cremia”? Cremia (クリミア) is a premium soft cream that everyone is literally craving for!

It’s composed of 25% of Nama Cream, and milk with 12.5% fat. It’s heavenly delicious when you have it in a combination with the signature Langue De Chat styled cookie cone!!! It’s so good that I don’t really know how to describe that feeling in words! But, well, don’t take too much time taking pictures, since it melts so fast.

Actually, you can also get Cremia from the other parts of Japan, but it’s kinda rare in Hokkaido. In Sapporo, you can get it for ¥500 from the shop located in the basement floor of JR Sapporo station.



This is so blessing



(5) Candy House

Apart from Hokkaido’s famous soft cream, there’re also assorted flavours of ice cream originated from Hokkaido. For instance, Caramel Cookie, Kajitsu Berry, Melon, Hokkaido Milk, Hokkaido Pumpkin, and a lot more for you to try.

For this Candy House Ice Cream shop, it’s opened only in summer and autumn.

  • Locaton: Take a bus (10 minutes ride) from Subway Sukuzumi station, the shop is located near the entrance of Hitsujigaoka




(4) Hakko Gakkuen Soft-cream 

Hakko Gakkuen, Hokkaido Junior College of Agricultural, is located not so far from Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill. Their soft cream is known to be one of the best soft cream in Hokkaido! They serve a rich soft cream which is made from whole milk in the price of ¥270. Even the Japanese themselves are coming here just to get this amazing soft cream. You can also get other goods made by college students. Come and get the best soft cream in town, and enjoy it while appreciating the beauty of nature in the farm.



You can enjoy the beauty of Lavender and Iris in July as well.


(3) Lake hill farm

Are you planning for a road trip around Toya lake area? Well, lucky you. There’s also a farm around Toya lake! Their gelato is marvellous. It’s so healthy, since it’s handmade from farm’s whole milk for 70% with non-artificial flavour. You can choose either 1 or 2 flavours with only 1 price (¥350). Personally, my favourite ones are strawberry, coffee, and millefeuille. Grab yourself one, and enjoy it while surrounded by farm’s fantastic scenery.




(2) Milk Kobo

Speaking of Niseko, some of you might know it only for a famous ski place in winter.. Actually, there are so many things you can find interesting here at Milk Kobo in every season. This farm is a tourist attraction which is famous for their milk products. It all starts from using good soil, leads to good grasses, which brings to nice quality food for the healthy cows. When the cows are healthy, they produce great quality milk. Milk Kobo uses their great milk as a main ingredient for their yoghurt and soft cream. Having heartily delicious soft cream in the middle of Niseko’s terrific nature with Yoteisan Mountain as a background is impeccable!





(1) Otaru Rainbow Soft-cream 

This wonderful thing is a 7 dazzling colors of the Rainbow Soft cream from Otaru! It’s so huge that you can have it as a meal, not for just a dessert. Each colour comes with individual flavour. Starts with Chocolate, Lavender, Vanilla, Melon, Green Tea, Strawberry, and Grape! There’s also a famous Cremia soft cream with the signature Langue De Chat styled buttery cookie cone from France. Oh… My little belly is calling for it again just by thinking of how wonderful it was!!!

  • Location: Next to Hitachi Venetian Art Museum, Otaru
  • Address: 5-27 Sakaimachi, Otaru
  • Tel: +81-134-33-1993



Omg.. No one would be able to say no to this.


There’s a poster of a Rainbow Soft cream right in front of the shop!

Meh, I just can’t continue my diet plan after seeing these 10 soft cream places.. How about counting this trip as cheat days? Yeah, I think I’m gonna do that.. For now, let’s go get as much soft cream as we can!

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