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One day trip traveling around Hokkaido by Chuo bus


If you don’t have so much time for traveling in Hokkaido, but you would like to travel to many sightseeing places by spending short time. One day trip traveling by Chuo bus can certainly answer your question. There are many routes that you can choose for all day or only morning, afternoon, or night time, each course usually goes through famous sightseeing places. Let’s take a look together in detail.

This time we would like to recommend a reservation method and show you what the short course contain.

Traveling by Chuo bus

First, please take a look at website and you can choose your interested course. The varieties is provided in each course, for example, course A and B travels in Sapporo in the morning and afternoon, respectively. You can travel in distinctive sightseeing places in Sapporo for only one day by manage the time of each tour to be able to connect. Actually, the tour of this bus not only hold in Sapporo but also other cities such as Otaru, Noboribetsu, Asahikawa, and so on. If you use this bus, you can go to many famous places in Hokkaido also.

Beside Sapporo, there are so many places such as Shakotan or the famous places like Furano, Biei, and so on.

Reservation procedure :

After checking the sightseeing list from the previous website, please select the program that you would like to join. Then, select Reservation Form, remember your desired course code, fill in the detail such as date and time. I recommend you to reserve the Multilingual Audio Tour because you can listen the detail of your destination in English, while sitting on the bus. After waiting a moment, An email is sent to you consisting of traveling plan, appointment and payment time (at least 20 minutes before departure), and Chuo bus location map.

Let’s go! :

Today I will give you an example of a tour I joined that is plan B: Mt. Okura Ski Jump Stadium and Hitsujigaoka observation hill from 14:10 to 17:40 (total 3.5 hours) for only 2,600 JPY! Are you interested? Let’s go!

A tour schedule


First of all, we have to pay for a tour fee at Chuo bus counter located next to Big camera in Esta department store at JR Sapporo.

After you entered the door, you can see an outstanding counter on the right hand side, then, show the email to a receptionist to pay for a ticket (please pay at least 20 minutes before departure).

Then, before departure around 10 minutes, please wait at a meeting point which is an area in front of the counter. There is a guide that held the name of the tour and take you to the bus. Inside the bus, you can enjoyed listening the detail of your destination in English. Then, you arrive!

Please keep the ticket until the end of your trip.


Mt. Okura Ski Jump Stadium (60 minutes)

The first place of this B course is Mt. Okura Ski Jump Stadium. There are two interesting points, the first one is to take a ropeway to the top of the mountain to see the point that the athlete use to do a jumping ski competition. Moreover, you can enjoy the panoramic view also (you have to pay additional 500 JPY if you want to take the ropeway). The bus will let you stay here around 1 hour before moving to the next place.

Ski Jump Area

I suggest you to see the panoramic view from the top of the mountain.

The view of Sapporo city from the top of the mountain. Today I’m very lucky because the sky is clear and I can see the view obviously! That’s so beautiful!

If you are hungry, you can buy some soft cream overthere.

สThe second interesting point is Olympic Museum. You can have a wonderful experience by playing simulators of many kinds of winter sport there. For this trip I didn’t enter in this museum due to the time limited. You should choose only one activity to manage the time.

The entrance of the Olympic Museum


Hitsujigaoka observation hill (40 minutes)

The next destination is Hitsujigaoka observation hill. It takes 30 minutes from the previous place. After arriving, you have only 40 minutes to walking around here.  

Dr. Clark and his famous phase “Boys Be Ambitious”

After arriving you can see Dr.Clark statue there. He is a pioneer of agriculture in Hokkaido and he is also a founder of Hokkaido University. If you have an opportunity to be there, why don’t you take a photo with him and copy his posture? Behind Dr.Clark, you can see the beautiful scenary of Sapporo city also.

The most famous thing that I recommend you to try is Genghis Khan or a Japanese grilled mutton dish. Beside, you can see the cute sheep walking in the field in Summer.

Here is a house of the sheep in Winter

So many cute sheep escape from snow and cold weather

Moreover, there is a foot onsen therapy for relaxing.

Finally, I would like to recommend a Sapporo Snow Festival museum that gathering all of the model of this event in the past. Every works are very wonderful, don’t miss it!

You can enter this museum for free

The history of this festival was shown inside the building

Times up! You have to return to Sapporo on time. You can travel 2 places by spending just 3.5 hours. If you are interested, just reserve your trip! We wish you enjoyed traveling in Hokkaido!

Epilogue :

If you travel alone and would like to go to many places that you can’t go by train, this Chuo bus sightseeing tour is suitable for you. However, a big drawback is the time limitation. A guide will decide the time for you so you have to manage your time wisely. In my opinion, I think it’s enough if you want to travel to many places in a short time. You can also reserve your ticket at most 2 months before your trip.

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