12.15 2017

The Best Sushi Train in Sapporo.

Sushi Train in Sapporo Station:

When visiting Sapporo, you are bound to stop by Sapporo Station at some point. It is a massive complex filled with shopping centers, theaters and especially delicious restaurants, including sushi! I know sushi or raw fish may be intimidating, to some people, but the high quality seafood of Hokkaido is not something you want to miss during your trip.

Sushi train is the perfect way to get started with eating sushi, as there is a great selection of fishes, sushi and rolls both cooked and raw. There are also specials every month and special dishes for different shops.

There are several sushi train restaurants in Sapporo Station, but today will will focus on “Hokkaido Four Seasons” located on the 10th floor of ESTA, a shopping complex within the station.

“Hokkaido Four Seasons”

“Grilled Salmon with Salt and Pepper” DELICIOUS!!

Hokkaido Four Seasons is a famous sushi train restaurant in Sapporo best know for its year-round specialty, “Grilled Salmon with Salt and Pepper”, which are loved for its juiciness and tenderness. For sushi beginners, this is a good dish to start with as the surface is scorched with blow-torch.

Visitors can choose to sit at the table, or at the counter where sushi will pass right in front of them of a conveyor belt.

“The Menu”

Of course there are much more other options to choose from in the menu. Let’s have a look a their menu! They have different types of sushi at different prices! What’s better is that they also has a English menu for tourists coming here.

There is even vegetarian-friendly dishes available such as inari, which is rice wrapped in fried layer of sweet tofu, and corn mayo! For the sweet-tooth out there, this place also serves dessert like this 3 colored mochi ice cream!

8 different types of plate to choose from!

There are 7 different colors of plate to choose from, and each has it own price:

  • Flower Plate: 129 JPY
  • Pink Plate: 172 JPY
  • Green Plate: 190 JPY
  • Red Plate: 259 JPY
  • Black Plate: 291 JPY
  • Yellow Plate: 345 JPY
  • Blue Plate: 464 JPY
  • Navy Patterned Plate: 572 JPY

How to order?

There are different ways to order when you come to a sushi train restaurant. In terms of “Hokkaido Four Season”, depending of where you sit you can:

  • Write order on a paper  slip(for counter)
  • Ask the staff directly
  • Touch panel (for table)

Personally, I prefer to write on paper slip!

Pen and paper is provided for you.

Write your order on the paper slip. (Name or Number)

Circle (無) if you don’t want wasabi on them.

Pass the paper to the nice staff there.

You will receive a bill like this in the end, and you can pay at the register.

Access and General Info.

The restaurant is located on the 10th floor of ESTA, on top of Sapporo Station. There are several elevators, so don’t be alarmed. Once you get out of elevator you will see its entrance like this.


Hokkaido, Sapporo-shi, Chuo-ku, Kita 5 Jou, Nishi 2 Chome 1 ESTA 10F



Business Hour:

11:00 ~ 22:00 (last order at 21:50)

Official Website (ENG)


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iOS : http://goo.gl/Qf5daP
Android : http://goo.gl/AxcjHG

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