May. 12 2018

5 Different Sweet Souvenirs to Buy in Hokkaido!

Before you leave Hokkaido, one must always check out the sweet souvenirs or ‘omiyage’ in the nearest department store or station gift shop! There are so many different popular sweets to choose from, such as Ishiya’s Shiroi Koibito chocolate biscuits, or Rokkatei’s creamy raisin sandwich cookies. However, while many of these popular sweets are very tasty, wouldn’t you like to try some different, sweet souvenirs?

We have made a list of 5 different souvenirs you should try before you leave Hokkaido! All of these sweets can be bought in various shops in Hokkaido, so be sure to not miss these delightful treats while shopping for gifts to bring back with you.

六花亭□△◯ (ROKKATEI□△◯ )

Selection of 9 Different Western Sweets

ROKKATEI, originating from Tokachi, is one of Hokkaido’s prime confectionary shops, with so many sweets and delicious treats to choose from! While their cream raisin sandwich cookies rank highest in popularity, you must try this sweet case full of 9 kinds of western-style cakes and cookies!

This case is filled with sweets such as strawberry wafer cookies, matcha cream cookies, cranberry chocolate cookies, and more. Instead of buying simply one type of sweets in a souvenir case, why not taste a sample of various sweets in one beautifully packaged container!

六花亭・□△◯ Sweet Box: 2,200 YEN (Tax Included)/Contains 59 pieces in total


Haskap Gem Sandwich Cookies

MORIMOTO, a baking brand from Chitose, is one of the growing popular confectionary brands in Hokkaido especially in the recent years. You can find many of their delectable cakes and sweets in many confectionary shops all over Hokkaido.

The main characteristic in these cookies are their use of butter cream as well as Hokkaido’s very own grown delectable Haskap jam blended together into a crunchy lightly baked outer cookie crust. Next time you stop by a Morimoto shop, be sure to check out this sandwich cookie as well!

MORIMOTO・ハスカップジュエリー(Haskap Jam Sandwich Cookies):1,800 YEN (Tax Included) /Contains 10 pieces


Hokkaido Cheese Cookies

Who says that cheese and cookies don’t go well together? From the famous confectionary KINOTOYA, known for their massively popular cheese tarts, these delectable cookies: KINOTOYA’s Hokkaido Cheese Cookies, made with fresh Hokkaido ingredients, are a must have to try before you leave Hokkaido!

The roasted taste of the cheese with the sweetness of the cookie crumbles in your mouth, leaving an unforgettable taste reminding you of Hokkaido’s delicious sweets! Be sure to stop by their store for their unforgettable selection of sweets and cookies just like these!

KINOTOYA・北海道焼きチーズ (Hokkaido Cheese Cookies) :1,080 YEN (Tax Included) /12 Piece Set


IMOKOMACHI: 3 Kinds of Potato Strips

What can be more Hokkaido-like than potatoes, specifically potato strips? But these potato strips aren’t just ordinary potato chips. Made by the famous company CALBEE that make various delicious snacks and chips, these special salty snacks use three of Hokkaido’s most famous potatoes: northern purple potatoes, golden toyoshiro potatoes, as well as northern ruby red potatoes!

In comparison to ordinary chips these potato strips are not only super crunchy, but they use salt originating from the Sea of Okhotsk, making this a very unique Hokkaido-style snack to try. This gift box is a great way to remind of Hokkaido than by buying snacks made from Hokkaido’s agricultural products!

Calbee・北海道いもこまち(IMOKOMACHI: 3 Kinds of Potato Strips):875 YEN (Tax Included) /8 bags included in one box

福太郎 (Fukutaro)

Fukutaro Hogaja (HOTATE Flavored) Seafood Crackers

Originating from Fukutaro in Kyushu, these snacks are sold everywhere even in Hokkaido! But what makes this gift box of snacks so special to Hokkaido?

The answer is that these particular crackers’ main characteristic is their use of Hokkaido scallops for the flavor!

Despite the overwhelming popularity of Rokkatei and Ishiya Confectionaries, this brand Hogaka from Kyushu is becoming more and more popular as a souvenir snack to buy in many gift shops, even making their own factory owned shop(s) right here in Hokkaido. Before you leave for your flight in New Chitose Airport, don’t forget to check out these delicious scallop seafood crackers from Hogaja in the souvenir section!

福太郎・ほがじゃ(Fukutaro Hogaja (HOTATE Flavored)  Seafood Crackers):1,296 YEN (Tax Included)/2 Paper Packages with 16 Separate Bags inside (Total of 32 pieces of crackers)

Bonus Edition

道南食品: 北海道179市町村サイコロキャラメル

Donan Food: Hokkaido 179 Municipal Diced Caramel

Before we close the blog, we would like to introduce to you this very special souvenir box that is rather unique compared to many of the popular souvenirs on sale in most gift shops: the Donan Food Company’s: Hokkaido 179 Municipal Diced Caramel Sweets collection!

In commemoration for the 150 year anniversary of Hokkaido’s name as a prefecture by Takeshiro Matsuura, the Donan Food company, with its main branch in Hakodate, launched this product celebrating the 179 municipalities in Hokkaido with this special edition collection of dice shaped caramel sweets!

In this box includes a replica map of Takeshiro Matsuura’s famous map he created, and the idea of this sweets collection is that you “roll the dice” with these diced caramel sweets while getting a chance to know about the names of the 179 municipalities in Hokkaido!

As in the taste, these diced caramel sweets are made with sweet white caramel, topped with Hokkaido made milk powder to sweeten the delicious taste!

This is the perfect souvenir to bring back home, not just for the caramel but for the extensive history that is told in this box’s contents!

道南食品 北海道179市町村サイコロキャラメル5 Sticks of Diced Caramel Cubes:

864 YEN (Tax Included)

Bring a little bit of Hokkaido back with you with these unique souvenirs!

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