Jun. 01 2018

【Take a little bus tour around HOKKAIDO】 Starting from Sapporo! Enjoy the real world Geography!


Speak of oversea trips, I imagine most people would think of group tours. The benefit to group tours is that you do not have to do any preparation, or face with language difficulties, would be the best option for travelling beginners. Even for people who want to try personal tours, wouldn’t know where to start looking, not to mention problems with transportation and accommodation. If this sounds like your situation, maybe you can give “one day bus tour” a go!

Today Trippino would like to introduce a bus day trip, which allows you to see the great mother nature of Hokkaido. The trip includes “Noboribetsu Jigokudani (Hell Valley), Lake Shikotsu, Lake Toya & Showa-shinzan” and much more wondrous attractions of Hokkaido. Departing from Sapporo, enter the forest in the south and draw a big rectangle on the map. You can put this trip into a day of your venture to Hokkaido, and explore the geography of Hokkaido.




Boarding Bus

There are 3 places where you will be able to board the bus. They are “North Exit of Sapporo Station”, “Sapporo Grand Hotel” and “Sapporo Tokyu Rei Hotel”. All 3 bus stops are located in Sapporo City Central, and you will be able to choose freely where to board.


Lake Shikotsu Visitor Center

Lake Shiretsu is located in Chitose City, and is famous for clarity and being able to see the bottom of the lake with ease. Not only it is the second biggest crater lake in Japan, it is also the northernmost unfrozen lake in Japan. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains, and is a very popular attraction for tourists.



The Noboribetsu Onsen a.k.a. Hell Valley


The Hell Valley is the source of famous “Noboribetsu Onsen”, known as the “department store of onsen” for the various minerals pumping out here. It is the remain of Kasayama which erupted roughly 10 thousand years ago, and been given the name of “Hell Valley” for its unique geographic feature, looking very similar to hell in Japanese folktale. It has also been chosen as “Top 100 Atmospheric Scenery of Japan” and “Hokkaido Heritage”.


“WakasaIMO” Honnpo, Noboribetsu East Store

The word “IMO” in Japanese would usually refer to sweet potato, and the WakasaIMO represents the image of a sweet potato in its name, appearance and even taste, but did you know that this particular sweet is made without the use of sweet potato whatsoever? It received countless awards since its establishment in 1923, and has been the greatly loves sweets by the locals also one of the best gift to bring home when you visit. We will stop at “WakasaIMO” Honpo, Noboribetsu East Store, and enjoy “Hokkaido specialty Ishikari Stew” for lunch.



Showa-Shinzan erupted in 18th Year of Showa Era from a wheat field. When visit you can still feel the force pushing up the mountain 60 years ago. There is also a bear farm close by, where you can see adorable Ezo bears in close to nature environment. Another recommendation is the ropeway car going up to Mt Usu, where you will be carried to the summit and enjoy the great scenery of Lake Toya from “Lake Toya Observatory”. Of course you will be able to gaze to the volcanic crater, and feel the majestic force if mother nature from a different “Volcanic Crater Observatory”.


Toya SAIRO Observatory

Toya SAIRO Observatory is located at the west side of Lake Toya, where you will be able to see the whole scenery of the lake, making it the perfect photo-shooting spot. With elevation of 170m, you will be able to see the island at the middle of Lake Toya, Mt Usu and Showa Shinzan without any obstruction.


Nakayama Pass


The Boyonakayama Rest Area is located in Nakayama Pass, where the famous “Fried Potato Ball Skewer” is sold. With crispy outer layer and soft potato fillings, it is the go to delicacy for visitors coming here.


Back To Sapporo



Usually tour companies is only willing to spend 30 min at Noboribetsu, but this particular tour, you will be able to spend up to 80 min in the famous onsen town. You can choose to enjoy the onsen or foot bath here, or simply take a relaxing stroll in Hell Valley. Even the lunch is specially selected “Hokkaido specialty Ishikari Stew”, which let you feast your eyes and belly!


When you visit Hokkaido, maybe you end up with a couple of day to spare. You might find yourself in situation where you are done in the city, and would like to go somewhere, but not knowing the transport or even just tired of thinking about your next destination, In that case, why don’t you give this bus tour a try, and you might discover something new about this majestic land! We will save the details for the website, if you are interested please visit the URL below. However, there is a limit to the seats available, so if you would like to be part of it, make sure you make a reservation ASAP!

【 ↓↓↓ Check the link below ↓↓↓ 】

The last tour for this year(2018) ends August 11th!

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