Jun. 22 2018

Getting around Sapporo with the 500 YEN Lunch Passport

Traveling comes with many perks, one being the chance to explore and try new restaurants and foods. However, when you have tried many of the popular restaurants everyone talks about; sometimes you want to try something different for a change to stimulate your taste buds some more.

That is why this lunch passport is the perfect way to eat out at some different, more local places while saving money as you travel in Hokkaido.

What is a lunch passport?

Made by the company Poroco, this lunch passport contains over 106 different restaurants where you can get a lunch meal plan for only 500 yen!

For each location in the book, you can go up to a total of 3 times with the 500 yen meal plan.

This lunch passport book costs 1,058 yen (including tax) which is well worth the price! These books can be bought at most bookstores.

These lunch passport books are available for many cities in Hokkaido including Hakodate and more, but the one we will introduce to you today concentrates on restaurants in the general Sapporo city area.

How do you use the Lunch passport?

On each page of the book, you will find the meal plan that each restaurant offers for 500 yen. On the bottom of each page they list the restaurant address, the restaurant’s telephone number, opening hours, and website.

The book is separated into different categories by area and by the type of meal plan it offers, with a map of all of the places listed in the beginning pages.

The categories are as follows:

  • Take Out Section
  • Restaurants in the Odori Area
  • Restaurants in the Sapporo Station Area
  • Restaurants in the Gakuen Mae Area ( Close to the Toho Subway Line)
  • Dessert Section

When you go to a particular restaurant listed in the book, you must show them the page of the book to the staff, so that you will get a stamp and get their 500 yen meal plan.

Here is a hot tip for anyone interested in getting some discounts in select restaurants at night: The beginning of book also includes a shop index of places where you can use the lunch passport in selected restaurants even at night, but usually it is only for discounted meals or a free drink with your meal.

Each of these sections contain various food items and meal plans, so be sure to try many of these places out for some special, new dishes to eat while traveling in Sapporo!

Hokkaido Roast Beef Bowl

** Keep in mind that these lunch passport books renew every 3 months, with their next edition in the middle of June, and so on. This means that every few months they list some new places and 500 yen meal plans, so you will not get bored of going to the same place. **

Personal Recommendation for Lunch Passport:

“Hokkaido Village’s KANI BARU SAPPORO”

Now that you have an idea of how to use the lunch passport, the fun but difficult part is to decide where to eat. Many of the meal plans here worth well more than 500 yen and others not so much, only offering a small dish or tiny portion of food…

We decided to visit one of the most popular spots listed in the lunch passport: Hokkaido Village’s Crab Bar/Kani Baru SAPPORO and try their 500 yen meal plan. (Page 72)

Originally for 980 yen, their 500 yen lunch set included their freshly made Tortilla Soft Shell Crab Pizza with an all you can eat salad bar and a drink of your choice, all made with fresh Hokkaido ingredients!

However, this is one of the few restaurants where you have to reserve in advance either by telephone or by coming to their reception desk at the restaurant.

For more information about this restaurant:

Hokkaido Village Kani Bar SAPPORO
Address: Sapporo-shi, Kita 3 Jou, Nishi 3 Chome 1-5: Shiguma Kita 3 Building Floor B1
Opening Hours: 11:00~23:00 (Last Order: 22:30)
Phone Number for Reservations: 011-222-0121
More info:

This lunch passport is a fun way to track where you eat, as well as a great money saver for traveling expenses! Find more hidden gems like this restaurant when you purchase this lunch passport!

We at Trippino hope that you will have your own exciting food adventures while you travel here in Hokkaido!

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