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Fun Activities to do in the Sapporo Art Park

While you travel through Hokkaido, you will notice the variety of nature parks throughout the prefecture. Each with their own special characteristics and charm, in today’s blog we will introduce one of the most popular parks: the Sapporo Art Park located in Sapporo’s Southern District in Makomanai.

Overview of the Sapporo Art Park:

If you are in the Sapporo Area and are looking for a variety of fun activities to do for a day trip, then this art park is the perfect destination for you. Even if you are not an enthusiastic modern art lover, this park has something special and unique for everyone to enjoy.

Completed in about 1999, this art park consists of multiple facilities as well as special art exhibits throughout the year. The Park’s main goals are to merge the beauty of Hokkaido’s nature with the beauty of art. In every season, there is something new to do and somewhere new to explore when you visit the Art Park. Even if you decide to come here simply for a walk, it is well worth the trip because of its peaceful atmosphere and fresh, cool air.

In this blog we will be introducing to you 5 different activities to do in the Sapporo Art Park!

Five Activities to do in the Sapporo Art Park:

1. Enter the Sculpture Garden

**Entrance Fee is 700 yen to enter this specific part of the Art Park

This garden is a very popular area of the park that is one of the first places that visitors will head to when entering the park. According to their official website, there are 74 different works by 64 artists hidden within the garden. This garden is a great place to explore, especially in the spring and summer to see the different seasonal plants and nature amongst the works of art. There are even special snowshoe walks through the garden held as events in this garden during the wintertime.

We personally recommend for each of you to come to this garden and try to find all of the sculptures within the garden as a fun scavenger hunt! You can keep track of which sculptures you see along your pathway and adventure, using the map they hand to you at the front entrance. This garden is a fantastic way to see the mix of Sapporo’s beautiful nature, relax in the quiet still atmosphere, as well as get a chance to see some beautiful pieces of modern art.

Here is just a small glimpse of some of the work we found in our adventure in the sculpture garden:

2. Participate in Workshops or Sessions at the Craft Center

If you are looking for hands-on activities to do, then this craft center located within the Sapporo Art Park is perfect for you. This studio offers a large variety of activities to do, for any age. Even if you are an adult, don’t be shy to try out some of the craft sessions, lessons, and workshops that they offer in this center. With a variety of artsy activities to choose from, starting as low as 300 yen to 1000 yen, you can create your own postcards, bandanna, buttons, and more in this craft hall.

3. Make Your Own Postcard in the Craft Center

For our visit, we made our own postcards where the reception desk give you supplies and 5 pieces of postcard paper to draw on freely. These crafts work as a great souvenir to bring back home from your Hokkaido travels! Every month there are different workshops and classes on mediums like ceramics, painting, and even jewelry making.

This craft center also has a very comfortable sitting area for doing these craft activities, or for a good relaxing break after your long walk here. With a spectacular view of the Sapporo Art Museum, you can easily craft or relax in this stylish sitting area.

Telephone Number for Craft Hall: 011-592-4122

Opening Hours: 9:45~17:00(6/1~8/31@17:30)

More info:

4. Visit the Craft Hall:

While they both have the word ‘craft’ in both facilities, the craft hall is a different part of the park even if it is close by to both the Art museum and the Craft Center.

The craft hall has a many different exhibits that are open to the general public as well as has a souvenir shop for some of the exhibits that are on display all over the park not just in the hall. With its red, beautiful exterior, this craft hall has many shops and exhibitions that show different types of art, specifically crafts they do in their facilities. Even within a year, the exhibit and shops always change, so feel free to check out this hall once you first arrive in the park.

5. Visit and Explore the Nature within the Park by taking a Stroll:

Like we said before, while this park mainly showcases exhibits and art-related activities to do, you don’t necessarily need to be an enthusiastic modern art lover to come here. If you want to simply take a good and refreshing stroll throughout the park, we recommend you do so!

The nature here is spectacular all year round, even in the quiet and snowy winter. There are many paths and trails to take you to other facilities and areas around the park, to places we did not mention in this blog, and explore!

The quiet atmosphere away from the busy city life of Sapporo city is more than relaxing for a peaceful stroll down along the beautiful nature seen in the park’s environment here.

Green Pathway to the Craft Center and Sapporo Art Museum Area

Sculpture Pond and Bridge in the Front of the Art Park

List of all of the Total Facilities in the Sapporo Art Park for Reference:

For a reference list, here are some of the facilities we didn’t explain in detail in this blog but are still worth a visit.

** For more detailed information about these facilities, check out the Sapporo Art Park website for more **

  • Sapporo Art Museum
  • Takeo Arishima Residence
  • Sato Churyo Children’s Atelier
  • Art Park Center
  • Art Hall (Rental facilities)
  • Outdoor Stage

We hope you can get a chance to visit this beautiful park, explore, and maybe even do some of the activities we suggested on this list. We from Trippino’ wish you safe travels on your journey and adventures here in Hokkaido.

Sapporo Art Park Official Website (ENGLISH):

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