Aug. 21 2023

【Locals don’t hide their secrets】11 must-eat ramen noodles in Hokkaido

Hokkaido is known for its gourmet treasures, and one of the most representative is “ramen”!

This time, we will introduce the ramen that Hokkaido locals can eat even if they have to wait in line, so don’t miss these 11 excellent ramen restaurants. If you’re a ramen fan, follow us to find your pocket list and let’s try it together!

  1. さっぽろらぁめん くわの実
  2. 【Closed】スパイスラーメン 点と線.狸小路店 
  3. 宇宙軒 本店
  4. らーめんてつや 美園店
  5. けやき すすきの本店
  6. 雨は、やさしく No.2
  7. 麺処玖
  8. 八丁目ノ梟
  9. 海賊船
  10. 三角山五衛門ラーメン

|  1. さっぽろらぁめん くわの実  |


This hidden restaurant is known to gourmets, there are only long bar seats, there are not many places, and the overall atmosphere is good and friendly, even if you come alone. The most popular ramen “こく塩らーめん (salt ramen)” is a combination of finely sliced green onions and creaming salty soup base. The couple who run this ramen shop together are also warm and friendly, and they are loved by customers, which is the charm of this restaurant.

 さっぽろらぁめん くわの実 

|  2. 【Closed】 スパイスラーメン 点と線.狸小路店  |


When it comes to Hokkaido’s representative cuisine, you should also think of the exotic and fragrant soup curry! This is a spice ramen shop run by Rojiura Curry SAMURAI, a famous curry soup shop in Sapporo. The most popular ramen here is, of course, the spice ramen “スパイスラーメン” that combines the characteristics of soup curry, and the rich layers of curry soup are covered with colorful vegetables, wonderful spicy taste, making the fatigue of eating a day disappear, it is really quite healing~ If you love soup curry and ramen, don’t hesitate! Put it in your pocket list

【Closed】スパイスラーメン 点と線.狸小路店

|  3. 宇宙軒 本店  |


As soon as the ramen is served, you will be amazed by the full char siu! Cosmos prides itself on using ingredients from Hokkaido to make ramen. After more than 10 hours of boiling, the soup is dripping with essence, and it is delicious enough to drink. The store’s signature “チャーシューメン (Char Siu Miso Ramen)” has an imposing appearance, and the thin-cut char siu is a thin and thin fat distribution, which is a perfect match with the special soup base, and the whole bowl of ramen is a pleasure to eat until the last bite! *From July 22, 2023, it will only be open on weekdays.

宇宙軒 本店

  • MAP:北海道岩見沢市6条東13丁目1−5
  • TEL : + 81-126-25-0969
  • Web :

|  4. らーめんてつや 美園店  |


When it comes to the restaurant “らーめんてつや”, the must-order for gluttons is ”醤油 らーめん(soy sorce ramen)”! (Positive oil is another way to write soy sauce) The popular soup base is a secret sauce that is said to be in the store, combined with white dashi stock, and finally garnished with back fat. This time, the no-oil ramen has a luxurious combination of the original sliced char siu and some thick cut char siu. This bowl of ramen looks like it’s a lot of fat and has a hard face, but the overall taste is delicate and full of flavor! If you are a lover of back fat, please try this superb ramen!

らーめんてつや 美園店

|  5. 札幌味噌ラーメン専門店けやき すすきの本店  |


Since its opening in 1999, Sapporo Miso Shop has been crowded with queues. Their “miso no no mina ラーメン (miso ramen)” is based on salt, the taste is classic, and the soup texture is quite refreshing. The toppings are full of rich vegetables and ground meat, which perfectly matches the smooth taste of medium thick straight noodles! It is arguably the best in Hokkaido miso ramen, so if you want to enjoy the traditional taste of the bowl, don’t miss it!

札幌味噌ラーメン専門店けやき すすきの本店

|  6. 雨は、やさしく No.2  |


The introduction of the super new ramen at this “AME HA, YASASHIKU Main Store” can be said to have shocked the Sapporo ramen world! In addition to our main store, we have also opened the much-anticipated second store, “AME HA, YASASHIKU No.2”. What kind of ramen is so amazing? Their soup base combines chicken white soup with Sail Shell Balm, which will slowly melt into the ramen soup to make the overall flavor even stronger, and the bowl is full of rich and luxurious ramen.

雨は、やさしく No.2

|  7. 麺処玖  |


Based on the concept of “only miso and addiction”, the restaurant combines classic Sapporo miso ramen with unique creativity and persistence, making it an addictive ramen restaurant. The ramen soup tastes thick and round, but not greasy, and the taste is excellent! The ingredients include char siu and dried bamboo shoots, as well as crispy bean sprouts, which are quickly stir-fried and filled with pot gas, and can be increased for free, and the spiciness can be adjusted while eating, so you can eat how you want!


|  8. 麺屋 八丁目ノ梟  |


Although “MENYA  Hachichome no FUKUROU” has just opened in 2022, it has become a popular store with a lot of popularity among the local people. Their ramen is infused with the essence of chicken, and the soup base is rich and warm, which is a must when paired with a stretchy medium-thick roll noodles. Char siu here is not simple, it is made of inner muscles and five flowers, and it will be full of fragrance later. Fish meal is served on the table, so you can change the flavor halfway through and enhance the taste of ramen.

麺屋 八丁目ノ梟

|  9. 海賊船  |


“Pirate ramen”, which is limited to 15 bowls a day, is served at the hidden izakaya “Pirate Ship” in Kaido Senhan. This bowl of ramen is based on a mild salty soup base and served with abundant Hokkaido seafood, full of luxurious seafood, and the focus is on only 780 yen per bowl! Really great value~ Although this ramen shop is some distance from Sapporo City, it is definitely worth visiting!


  • MAP:北海道小樽市銭函2丁目2-4
  • TEL: + 81-134-62-7655


※Ramen is limited to 15 bowls per day.

|  10. 三角山五衛門ラーメン 狸小路本店  |


This popular ramen shop started with the flavor of soy sauce from the house, and with a bowl of delicious and deep soy sauce ramen, gourmets will want to forget. In addition to the soy sauce ramen that is fixed, there will also be a limited-time menu! Such as miso ramen, or other seasonal ramen flavors. If you don’t like too heavy ramen, be sure to try them, their soy sauce ramen soup is simple and beautiful, refreshing and has a chicken aroma, and is also perfect for a perfect ending to a bowl after a cup.

三角山五衛門ラーメン 狸小路本店

|  11. RAMEN ICHI  |

“RAMEN ICHI” is only open at night, and there are no seats in the restaurant, so you must enjoy it standing. If you want to click on the fixed menu “夜偍中华そば” here, you must first follow the store’s social fan page, which is quite interesting. The amber fish soup base offers the aroma and refreshing aroma of grilled fish and the smooth and elastic noodles, which are impressive complements. In addition, there are a variety of limited-edition menus depending on the season, so you can taste something new every time you visit.


Isn’t it enjoyable to read the introduction of 11 ramen restaurants in a row? There are so many ramen shops in Hokkaido that I hope you have selected for you this time will help you! Next time you visit Hokkaido, be sure to sip the authentic Hokkaido ramen made by these professionals!

We’ll see you next time~ Break!




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