Nov. 05 2023

Trippino tote bag released!

“Trippino HOKKAIDO” is a media that delivers niche Hokkaido information not found in guidebooks to experienced individual tourists from Asia. Based on the concept of “Making your trip to Hokkaido five times more enjoyable,” we have created a variety of official goods that are useful for your trip.

Tote bags were given out as lottery gifts at travel fairs held in Bangkok and Taipei. Since then, we have heard people saying, “We want you to sell!” so we started selling online.

  • Product name: Trippino tote bag
  • Size: Height 35 x Depth 11 x Width 30cm (Handle height 27/Handle 21cm)
  • Color: Beige

A tote bag with a character riding a balloon printed on the front.
It is durable and can be used for a long time, so it is recommended to use it as an eco bag in addition to everyday use.

A tote bag packed with special points

Two years have passed since the app was released, and we created the tote bag at the time of the renewal, which now supports not only Thai but also English and Traditional Chinese. 

The designer is a Thai who works for Gear8 Thailand, and the production is done at a factory in Samkhamphaeng in northern Thailand. Trippino HOKKAIDO’s media concept is “Discover the cool things!”

While taking advantage of the cuteness of the characters, we aimed to create a bag made of sturdy material that can be used as a main bag and can be carried around with you while traveling.

After deciding on the design, we actually visited the factory in Thailand to check the texture and size of the materials.

About purchasing

We are currently preparing to make it available for purchase online. We will announce again on this site when we are ready to sell. Thank you for your understanding.


Jul. 22 2024

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