May. 22 2024

All you must eat in Sapporo is gathered here! | Sapporo Lilac Festival & Sapporo Ramen Show 2024

Hello, it’s ALLY.

I went to the 2024 Sapporo Lilac Festival, which started on May 15, and the concurrently held Sapporo Ramen Show.

Sapporo Lilac Festival

The Lilac Festival is an annual event held around May when the lilacs bloom. Besides flower viewing, there are many fun events like jazz concerts and winery cafes. Admission is free.

Lilac Festival | This year, it will be held for 12 days at two places.

Odori Park: May 15 (Wed) to 26 (Sun), 12 days

Kawashimo Park: May 25 (Sat) and 26 (Sun), 2 days

On Wednesday, May 15, 2024, the first day of the Lilac Festival

It was crowded with many people.

As I entered Odori Park with the TV Tower in view, the fragrance of lilac flowers spread. 400 lilac trees are blooming on both sides of Odori Park, so you can see lilacs no matter where you enter. Besides lilacs, many flowers are blooming in the flower beds within Odori Park, such as tulips and pansies.

There are also fountains in the 3rd and 4th blocks, allowing you to spend a leisurely time under the sun.

Lilac Festival | Nishi 5 BLOCK | Flea Market Area

When you walk to Nishi 5 Block, you’ll find the Lilac Festival is here! In this block, Sapporo citizens gather for a market where many handmade items such as accessories and tableware are sold. You can also try hand-rolled tea, which has been rolled by hand.

Lilac Festival | Nishi 6 BLOCK | Foods & Jazz Concerts

In Nishi 6 Block, there is a special stage where various local musicians from Sapporo perform daily concerts from 12:00 PM to 2:30 PM. A lot of foods are sold in front of the stage, allowing you to enjoy meals and drinks while listening to the concert.

Lilac Festival | Nishi 7 BLOCK | Hokkaido Wine

Nishi 7 Block hosts the Lilac Wine Garden 2024, where you can enjoy a selection of wines from all over Hokkaido! All the wines available at this event are Hokkaido-made. You can compare 3 types of wine for 1400 or 1500 yen. There are also many dishes that pair well with wine, such as Italian food like pizza and Hokkaido cheese. On nice days, you can enjoy Hokkaido wines and cuisine in the natural park setting. The event opens until 9 PM, making it a great spot to visit in the evening.

The Sapporo Lilac Festival at Odori Park is running until Sunday, May 26th!!


Sapporo Lilac Festival 2024


Sapporo Ramen Show

The Sapporo Ramen Show is an event where famous ramen shops from all over Japan come together, allowing you to enjoy a variety of ramen. Admission is free, and ramen tickets are 980 yen (including tax).

Sapporo Ramen Show | Nishi 8 BLOCK

This year’s ramen show runs almost daily until Sunday, May 26th, concurrently with the Lilac Festival.

  • 1st term: May 13 (Mon) – May 19 (Sun)
  • 2nd term: May 21 (Tue) – May 26 (Sun)

Sapporo Ramen Show | Enjoy Ramens from All Japan

This year, the sapporo ramen show features 10 shops in 1st term and another 10 in 2nd term. Different shops join in each term. You’ll find a variety of famous local and national ramen shops, from well-known establishments in Hokkaido to local favorites from around Japan. In addition to the familiar shio (salt), shoyu (soy sauce), and miso ramen from Hokkaido, you’ll also find Kyushu’s tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen. You’re sure to find a ramen you love!

Sapporo Ramen Show | Pre-Purchase Tickets

To eat ramen at the sapporo ramen show, you need a ticket. Tickets can be purchased in advance or on the day of the event. During busy times, such as lunchtime, there may be a line and you may need to wait both to buy a ticket and to order your ramen.

I think it’s highly recommended to purchase tickets in advance.

You can buy advance tickets at 7-Eleven or Seicomart (convenience stores). At each convenience store, enter the following codes into the copy machine, pay at the counter, and receive your ticket.

Please note that a 110 yen handling fee applies when purchasing at Seicomart.

Ticket Code

  • 7-Eleven Code: 105-962
  • Seicomart Code: D24051302

Sapporo Ramen Show 2024

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