Jun. 27 2024

【Cheat Sheet】Enjoy Sapporo Factory to the Fullest in 3 Hours!

Are you visiting Sapporo Factory as a midway stop on a sightseeing bus tour? Or are you looking to make the most of your limited time at Sapporo Factory? Here is the “Complete Guide to Sapporo Factory,” designed to help you enjoy sightseeing, shopping, and lunch all within 3 hours.

What is Sapporo Factory?

Sapporo Factory is a multi-purpose complex filled with various attractions, including shopping, gourmet food, winter illuminations, and movies. It was built on the site of the former Sapporo Beer factory and features a wide variety of shops. From fashion and accessories to local specialties and unique crafts, it is the perfect place to find travel souvenirs and mementos. Particularly, it is ideal for purchasing sneakers and sportswear, as there are many sports and outdoor-themed stores.

  • Location: Chuo-ku, Kita 2-jo, Higashi 4-chome, Sapporo
  • Access: Subway: 3 minutes on foot from “Bus Center-mae” Station, Exit 8
        Bus: 0 minutes from “Sapporo Factory”
  • Parking: First hour free, 3 hours free with a total purchase of ¥2,000 or more
  • WEB:

Complete Guide to Sapporo Factory|Floor Map

Sapporo Factory is divided into five main buildings: Frontier Hall, Ichijo Hall, Nijo Hall, Sanjo Hall, and Brick Hall. There is also an open space called the Atrium between Nijo Hall and Sanjo Hall. Each hall has its unique attractions, and where you start depends on your purpose. Here is a detailed introduction to each hall’s features and recommendations.

Frontier Hall

If you are coming from Bus Center-mae Station, you will start at the entrance of Frontier Hall. This hall mainly houses stores for daily necessities, such as supermarkets and drugstores, making it easy to purchase items you might need during your trip. If you need something during your travels, this is the place to find it.

1jo-kan Bldg.

Walking through the corridor from the second floor of Frontier Hall, you will enter Ichijo Hall. This hall has many amusement facilities, such as movie theaters and game centers. There is also a 100-yen shop, which is convenient for small purchases. While watching movies and playing games are fun, it might be better to prioritize other activities if your stay is short.

2jo-kan Bldg.

Crossing Kita 2-jo Street through the corridor from the second floor of Ichijo Hall, you will enter Nijo Hall. This hall is filled with numerous apparel shops, making it the perfect area for those who love shopping. Many stores offer tax-free shopping, which is convenient for international visitors. Here are six recommended stores focused on outdoor and sports brands:

Adidas Brand Core Store Sapporo (2F, 2jo-kan Bldg.) [Tax-Free]

A multi-sport shop offering a wide range of running and training gear to support athletes’ best performances.

PNS (2F, 2jo-kan Bldg.) [Tax-Free]

A store offering sports apparel and footwear from Palladium and Nike. Palladium provides functional shoes, while Nike offers innovative and fashionable sports shoes and apparel.

Lacoste (2F, 2jo-kan Bldg.) [Tax-Free]

A French brand known for its elegant and sporty items. It offers a total coordination of men’s, women’s, shoes, and leather goods, starting with polo shirts.

mont-bell (3F, 2jo-kan Bldg.)

A store with high-performance outdoor wear and gear, perfect for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.

Colombia (3F, 2jo-kan Bldg.) [Tax-Free]

Established in 1938, Colombia offers innovative and functional outdoor items.

ABC-MART (3F, 2jo-kan Bldg.) [Tax-Free]

A shoe store offering a wide range of brands, from sneakers to boots and casual shoes, catering to various styles.

3jo-kan Bldg.

Crossing the Atrium, an open space between Nijo Hall and Sanjo Hall, you will enter Sanjo Hall. This hall has many restaurants, making it the perfect spot for dining. Here are four recommended Japanese restaurants:

Teuchi Soba Sakura (B1, 3jo-kan)

Offering thick noodles made from rare “Nagano” soba flour from Hokkaido and fine noodles. Enjoy a variety of menus, including dipping sauces, toppings, set meals, and tempura.

Sapporo Soup Curry HIGUMA (B1, 3jo-kan)

Popular for its vegetable curry, you can choose from original soup, tomato soup, coconut soup, or shrimp soup. Spice levels range from 1 to 10, allowing you to enjoy soup curry to your liking.

Ichiyaboshi & Seafood Dining Dekitateya (B1, 3jo-kan)

Renowned for its affordable and delicious seafood bowls. The Hanamaru Bowl, topped with salmon roe, scallops, silver salmon, clams, squid cartilage, and tuna tataki, is a must-try for its volume and taste.

Tonyoshi (1F, Atrium)

A Hokkaido tonkatsu chain. The juicy meat and crispy coating pair perfectly with the slightly sweet special sauce. Rice, cabbage, and miso soup are all-you-can-eat, providing a satisfying meal.

Renga Bldg.

Another building, Brick Hall, is located slightly away from the other buildings. It houses the Brewery Pub “BREWERY1876,” which reopened in May 2024. This bar serves fresh beer brewed at the adjacent Sapporo Kaitakushi Beer Brewery, where you can also take a free tour to see the brewing kettles and other equipment.

Complete Guide to Sapporo Factory|Rest at the Atrium

The Atrium, an open space with chairs and tables for free use, is a great place to rest if you get tired while shopping. This space also hosts various events daily. During winter, a giant Christmas tree and light tunnel create a romantic atmosphere in the Atrium’s central plaza, making it a perfect spot for Instagram photos.

Complete Guide to Sapporo Factory|Tips for Enjoying Your Visit in a Short Time

Here are some tips to make the most of your time at Sapporo Factory:

1. Plan Ahead

Before you arrive, plan which halls to visit, which shops to check out, and where to eat. This way, you can maximize your time and avoid wasting it.

2. Check Tax-Free Stores

Many stores at Sapporo Factory offer tax-free shopping. International visitors should check these stores to enjoy shopping at a lower cost. Look for the tax-free sign at the entrance or inside the store.

3. Connect to Free Wi-Fi

Sapporo Factory offers free Wi-Fi. By entering your email address and date of birth, anyone can use it. Use the Wi-Fi to gather travel information smoothly during your visit.

Enjoy Sapporo Factory to the Fullest!

Sapporo Factory is a spot full of diverse attractions, even if you only have a short time. Enjoy shopping, gourmet food, illuminations, and movies while having a wonderful time. Use your time efficiently to fully appreciate the charm of Sapporo Factory!




Jun. 27 2024

【Cheat Sheet】Enjoy Sapporo Factory to the Fullest in 3 Hours!

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