May. 01 2023

7 Stunning ‘Lavender’ Fields in Furano 2023

In the beginning of Summer (July - August), A lot of flowers begin to bloom. One of the most popular flower that you shouldn’t miss a chance to see is ‘Lavender’. Here we introduce you to the 7 spectacular spots to see Lavender and other stunning flower-scenes in the central Hokkaido. Let’s take a look !




Nakafurano Lavender

Furano Ski Area will transform into a wonderful Lavender field. Hokusei Hill will be painted in purple naturally. You can reach here by JR train. Get off at Naka-Furano station. Use the elevator to get the best view on top. You will probably see Tokachidake Mountain on a clear day.



![11823160_10153114646748177_5779022304097052250_o-1024x768.jpg]( Nakafurano Lavender Address: 〒071-0714 Nakafurano, Miyamachi 1-41 Tel: +81-167-44-2123 How to go: 10 minutes walk from JR Naka-Furano station Open: June〜August・9:00 a.m.〜4:40 p.m. Website:


Hinode Koen

This Lavender field has known as the early blooming lavender where you can enjoy a fabulous 360° panoramic view and the sunset after walking uphill for 20 minutes. The highlight is to ring ‘The Bell of Love’ which located in the middle of the field. Don’t forget to ring it for your own love charm.

hinodekouen Bell of Love, ring for your own love charm.


Hinode Koen

Address: Kamifurano, Higashi 1-sen, kita 27, Hinode Koen Tel: +81-167-39-4200 How to go: 15 minutes walk from JR Kamifurano station Open: All time 


Flower Land Kamifurano

Move from the Lavender to the colorful one in a gigantic field, Flower Land Kami Furano. You can have a tour around the field by the shuttle tractors that service every 10 - 15 minutes. You will be amazed with the Tokachi Mountain view in the background. Moreover, fun workshop activities and local shops are waiting for you to visit and join in the main building.

[embed][/embed] Flower Land Kamifurano Address: Kamifurano, Nishi 5, Kita 27 Tel: +81-167-45-9480 How to go: 10 minutes drive from JR Kamifurano station Open: June〜September・09:00 a.m.〜6:00 p.m. Website: 


Kanno Farm 

A purple lavender hill contrasts with the vivid blue sky and a white-roof house are the well-known combination of Kanno Farm. Along the Highway number 237 between Kamifurano city and Biei city, you will meet a flower paradise with more than 10 types of flower besides lavender. You can definitely find your favorite souvenirs and local farm products here.



Kanno Farm Address: Kamifurano, Nishi 12, Kita 36 Tel: +81-167-45-9528 How to go: 10 minutes walk from JR Bibaushi station Website: 


Kanayama Lake  

Unlike a lavender sightseeing, Kanayama lake will provide you a peaceful camping side nearby the lake, among mountains and forest. Here is one of the camping destination in Hokkaido where you can also enjoy canoeing, go-karting and fishing altogether.

Peacefully silence, away from disturbance

Kanayama Lake Address: Minamifurano, Higashishikagoe Tel: +81-167-52-2100 How to go: 38 minutes drive from Furano city 


Shikisai no Oka 

Talking about Biei city highlights, Shikisai no Oka farm must be mentioned. More than 30 types of flower that grow and bloom until autumn and the cute Alpaca farm are destinations for photo-lovers. At the residence area, there are local shops that provide food and fresh vegetables from Biei city. The most recommended snacks would be Soft Cream and Koroke that you can grab and chill while appreciate the flowers field. Also, don’t miss the best Curry Udon in town on the second floor.




 Be astonished with the variety of flowers.

Shikisai no Oka Address: Biei, Shinsei dai 3 Tel: +81-166-95-2758 How to go: 15 minutes drive from JR Biei station Website :: 


Tomita Farm

The most famous Lavender Farm of Furano that no-one could deny its awesomeness, Tomita Farm. The eye candy destination, Irodori field, impress you with the 7 colors flowers that adorn the rolling hill. You can enjoy various activities throughout museum, workshops and demonstration in the small cabins. Meet the famous products and shops such as essential oil, scented bags, coffee shop and a delicious Lavender Ice-cream.

Tomita Farm Address: Kisen Kita 15-go, Nakafurano-cho, Sorachi-gun Tel: +81-167-39-3939 How to go: 25 minutes walk from JR Furano station. Website :: 

Alright ! these were some amazing spots we picked for you. There are still a lot more to be explored. Don’t forget to mark a date for this trip. Also, be sure to book your accommodation and transportation for the best experience. Enjoy your trip !