On the Northern tip of Japan. Many European and North American major cities are in the same latitude as Hokkaido. Hokkaido is surrounded by the Pacific ocean, the Japan sea, and the Sea of Okhotsk. Hokkaido is the biggest prefecture in Japan. Its' extensive land, cold winter and comfortable summer attracts many people.

We can divide Hokkaido into 4 large sections.
The followings are the branch government offices for those 4 areas.

  • Do-o: Ishikari, Sorachi, Iburi, Hidaka, Shiribeshi (Sapporo, Otaru, Niseko)
  • Do-nan: Oshima, Hiyama
  • Do-hoku: Kamikawa, Rumoi, Soya
  • Doto: Abashiri, Tokachi, Kushiro, Nemuro

We basically do not use "West".

  • Douhoku

    The Northern tip of Hokkaido is sandwiched between the Japan sea and the Sea of Okhotsk. You can enjoy Hokkaido's unlimited beautiful nature in Furano, Biei, Asahikawa and other cities.

  • Douou

    Consists of 30% of Hokkaido including the cities of Sapporo, Otaru and Hidaka.

  • Doutou

    The East side of Hokkaido is a large area containing many major cities such as Kushiro, Obihiro, Kitami and Nemuro. The city of Shiretoko is a registered world natural heritage site, and has many wild animals.

  • Dounan

    The Do-nan area was developed as the gateway to Hokkaido from the sea. The Hokkaido Shinkansen line starts from here. It has many historical buildings with Japanese convined with foreign style architecture that will welcome you. Very popular sites including city of Hakodate.


Hokkaido has approximately 135 winter days where the daily low temperature is less than 0C (32F), and 50 days with a daily high temperature of 0C(32F). The year round average daily temperature is 10C (50F). The Japan sea side has more snowfall, and the Sea of Okhotsk side has longer hours of daylight with less rain. The Pacific Ocean side east has a sea fog in the summer and lower temperatures, and the Pacific ocean side west is warmer and has less snowfall.

  • Hokkaido is 83456 square kilometers and it is 22.1% of Japan.

  • Thailand is 513,100 square kilometers. (Hokkaido x6)


  • Hokkaido has a population of 5,339,539 people, which is 4% of the Japanese population.
    5.3 million people
  • Thailand's population is 65,720,000 people
    65 million people
  • Taiwan's population is 23,590,000 people
    23 million people
  • Singapore's population is 5,610,000 people
    5.6 million people
  • Malaysia's population is 32,000,000 people
    32 million people
  • Philippines' population is 100,980,000 people
    198 million people

  • The population density is 63.7people per square kilometers(Tokyo's population density is 6,309.8 people per square kilometer.)
  • Thailand's population density is 135.9 per square kilometers
  • Taiwan's population density is 656.0 per square kilometers
  • Singapore's population density is 8,159.31 per square kilometers
  • Malaysia's population density is 95.44 per square kilometers
  • Philippines' population density is 351.14 per square kilometers
Travelors in Hokkaido (From April 1st of 2017 to March 31st of 2018)
From overseas 2,79K people (This is 9.4% of all visitors to Japan, 29,770K)
Travelors in Hokkaido

(From April 1st of 2017 to March 31st of 2018)

  • Hokkaido residents 47,250K people
  • From other part of Japan 6,060K people
  • From overseas 2,79K people (This is 9.4% of all visitors to Japan, 29,770K)
Travelors in Hokkaido